Our values

To lastingly contribute to the international success of our clients
and exceed their expectations, such is our mission.


The success of your projects is closely linked to the quality of our communication and our ability to listen.

WORDFLAIR makes it a point to respond to your requests as soon as possible. Likewise, one single contact person guides you and advises you throughout your projects. For complex or creative work, the Project Manager will collect all elements necessary for the success of your project (brief, reference material, guideline, budget…) and keep you informed on its progress.



All our copywriters have at least 5 years transcreation experience and our quality approach is part of a well-defined process. Depending on the nature of your request, the Project Manager will:

  • analyse your needs and write a precise and detailed brief
  • select vendors on the basis of their mother tongue, their mastery of the subject and theircountry of residence
  • define reasonable production deadlines
  • notify you about current project status and maintain regular contact with the vendors
  • consistently carry out a final review

By listening to its clients, WORDFLAIR wants to build and maintain relationships of trust with them.



What would a transcreation agency be without creative spark? At WORDFLAIR, we do enjoy languages but we also enjoy words! In addition to perfect command of source and target languages, cultural adaptation or transcreation requires creativity and strong writing skills. This creative process captivates us, inspires us and incites us to surpass ourselves for each of your projects. It is this passion for languages, creativity and cultures that gave rise to WORDFLAIR in the first place.


Thanks to its expertise in international marketing and transcreation, WORDFLAIR coordinates all your projects in a smoothly and efficient manner. Supported by a global network of cultural, language and creative experts, WORDFLAIR points you in the right direction while advising you on the various aspects of your international communication strategies.  


Our global network of experts is an invaluable asset for WORDFLAIR. We forge lasting ties based on respect, trust and communication. We send feedback to our talents and acknowledge their efforts.