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Market research
Your company operates internationally and you are launching a new product or a new brand in one or several markets abroad?
WORDFLAIR can help you with:

  • Analysing your brands and products positioning
  • Benchmarking
  • Defining the right communication channels
  • Key opinion leaders sourcing for your advertising campaigns

Creative consultation
Before launching your campaign worldwide, you should ensure that your concept is easily transposable into all your target markets. Early consultation allows us to point out potential problems before production, saving you time and money. Our consultants and strategic planners study the cultural, linguistic and visual relevance of your creative copy for each of your target markets and help you hone in on your global audience.

  • message, language style, pictures, colour codes, design, layout…

Brand / product name validation
You wish to internationalise your brand or product name? Taking various factors into account such as availability, meaning, connotation, tone and pronunciation, our copywriters check that the name is exportable. We also tell you whether it is advisable to create a new name that will be more in line with your target market and audience.