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Cultural adaptation

Our linguists adapt your message to the culture of the local market whilst taking into account its codes, symbols, values, habits, legal constraints and regulatory laws. Whether it is a slogan, an ad copy or a press release, they transpose your message so that it is clearly understood and positively perceived by your audience: a quality approach which directly benefits your image.

COPY – Transcreation
Transcreating creative contents such as slogans or ad copies can be challenging, especially when they are intended for countries with high cultural identity. Thanks to their in-depth knowledge of the local culture, our native speaking copywriters create unique messages for each of your target markets and audiences abroad while keeping the emotional appeal and tone of the original copy. In order to keep terminology and style consistent throughout your various pieces of work, WORDFLAIR creates style guides and multilingual glossaries which include terms related to your business sectors and brands.

Cultural adaptation does not only apply to the text. WORDFLAIR adapts images and colours in your advertising medium to optimise its impact in your target markets.

  • Advertising image must be adapted to the socio-cultural environment of the target market. In Saudi Arabia, alcohol and nudity are more regulated than in Western countries.
  • Colours can have different meanings depending on the cultural context: white colour corresponds to happy events for Western people but symbolises mourning in China. Red colour stands for purity in India but for death in Turkey.
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