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Voice-over & Subtitling

WORDFLAIR, your trusted partner for audiovisual communication adaptation to global markets.

Whatever the nature of your project (TV spot, corporate film, whiteboard animation etc.), we put our pool of voice-over artists at your disposal, in all the languages of your choice. With the support of our technical team, we offer you a turnkey solution:

  • adaptation of the script to voice-over constraints by a translator-adaptor
  • selection of the voice-over artist(s)
  • recording, synchronisation and integration of the voice(s) to the video

WORDFLAIR automates the subtitling process thanks to its dedicated platform, saving you time and offering you unquestionable efficacy in the coordination of your projects. This process consists of several stages:

  • spotting with timecodes involves cutting dialogues into subtitles thanks to a subtitling software.
  • translation is made by a mother tongue translator specialised in text adaptation for subtitling.
  • validation: this key stage allows you to visualise, amend and approve the translations through our online platform.
  • simulation: our IT team watches the subtitles as they will appear on screen and makes possible adjustments (typographical, spotting or subtitling arrangement…).
  • embedding: this last phase consists in embedding the subtitles in the video with an editing software. If you prefer to do it yourself, we can provide you with a specific file.
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